Norway: AAA Tournament Telemark Trophy 2020

Norway, a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and fjords! The city Skien (capital of Telemark) - situated close to the beautiful coast of south Norway and 130 km away from Oslo - is the hoster of "Telemark Trophy 2020". The tournament takes place at the modern ice rink (up to 900 spectators) in the middle of the hughe sports & education complex called "Fritidspark". Fritidspark features a hockey rink with extra curling rink, indoor swim hall with recreation center and sauna areas, 2 large gym halls for floorball,volleyball, handball and basketball, soccer field, running track, climbing wall, tennis courts, beachvolleyball, badmington courts, minigolf, horse riding, high school and hotel.

This AAA tournament will host teams from Skandinavia, middle & east Europe, Russia and North America. Each tournament is limited for 8 teams: each team plays against each other - 7 games per team!